Monday, May 31, 2010

B'Jazzled Band, Benyamin Sings Carlebach and more JUNE EVENTS

Date: Monday, June 14, 2010
Time: 9:00pm - 11:00pm
Location: Cnaan Bar
Street: Shamai 15 Jerusalem

Special "Soul of Summer" Benyamin Steinberg Sings Shlomo Carlebach
at CNAAN Jerusalem

Benyamin Steinberg-Vocals & Guitar / Maury Epstein-Guitar /
Gila Wittow-Violin /Jonathan Fialka-Base Guitar / Avraham Sand-Percussion
Doors 20:30 - Starts 21:00 - Cover 35 NIS - Warm up with Maury Epstein.

* For more info contact Michael 050 267 2510 from 2pm till 6pm

Friday, May 28, 2010

Upcoming Amazing Musical Events in Jerusalem

Yerachmiel @ Jewish Cultural Center
Saturday, May 29, 2010
10:00pm - 11:30pm
Beit Miriam - The Jerusalem Synagogue
21 King George St.
Melave Malka/Torah And Uplifting Music.
Light Refreshements Served
Cost- 20 NIS
Limited Space - Please arrive early.
Shtar "Infinity" album release party
Sunday, May 30, 2010 at 9:00pm
Canaan Pub
Shammai St. 15
Shtar "Infinity" Album Release Party! With performances by Shtar, Ben Yomen, Ariel Siman-Tov Tachlit, and more.... Hosted by MC Yehuda and DJ Plato. Buy your presale ticket now @ Burgers Bar on Yaffo for 30 nis and 1 FREE DRINK is included. 35 nis @ the door.... OCCUPANCY IS LIMITED
Shtar from the acclaimed single "Modeh"
Yehudit Batya LIVE IN CONCERT!
Monday, May 31,
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Payis Building Maale Adumim
Come see me perform the works of Weber, Brahms and more!!!
I'll be performing two solos and a clarinet duet and...
World Premiere of the brand new ensemble "TRIO RIMON" (The hottest new wind trio to hit the Jerusalem music scene.) A chamber music group composed of female professional musicians from America who all took time out to come study Torah in the holy land!
Yehudit Batya Weinberger - Clarinet
Sarah Pernick - Flute
Rut Cheney - Oboe
Concert is FREE and open to women and men. (Tell them you are my friend and you don't have to pay if indeed there is someone taking tickets which there may not be)
This will be the first and last performance of it's kind for me so don't miss out!! Come and show your support for me and my friends and feel super classy listening to our "high culture" classical sounds!!!! (Seriously - we have a really nice show here)
The payis building in maale adumim is located one but stop after the mall. (Ask the bus driver to drop you at the library) then cross the street and walk to the right and after the bushes clear look for the "Matnas" building on the left hand side. The binyan hapayis is behind the Matnas on the left side. Or just ask people where the "eshkol haPayis" is. (The bus driver should also know where the eshkol haPayis is.
Buses to maale adumim leave from benyanei hauma and from sar yisroel (across the street from shaarei ha'ir building) every 15-30 minutes. You can take the 174 or 175. The 177 goes too but it's about a 5 minute longer walk. (If you willing to ask someone to tell you when to get off to get to the eshkol hapayis and where to go then it's fine)
Zeh: Shir Yaakov in Concert in Jerusalem שיר יעקב בהופעה בירושלים
Monday, May 31,
8:30pm - 10:30pm
Nava Tehila @ the Nature Museum, נאוה תהילה במתחם מוזיאון הטבע
6 Hamagid, Jerusalem רחוב המגיד 6
Nava Tehila - an Amuta for Jewish Renewal and Gvanim Present:
We are excited to host the wonderful Shir Yaakov, briefly visiting from New York, for an intimate concert.

A non-denominational rabbi, teacher and musician, Shir has written 300 poems and released six albums of original music, including his first full-length CD, "Zeh", hot off the press. In his music, Shir weaves a tapestry of Kabbalistic wisdom, contemporary songwriting and deeply personal spirituality. He draws his inspiration from Torah, prayer and human relationship.
Tix: 40 shekels, or whatever you can afford.
The concert is at the Nature Museum in the German Colony. Entrance is through the parking lot at Hamagid st (the one near the back entrance of the ICCY). We will try to put up signs so look out for them.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reb Sholom Brodt's Erev Shavuot Greeting

B"H Erev Shavuot 5770

Dear friends "ad 120 b'simcha
Shalom uvracha mi'Yerushalayim
At Har Sinai when we received the Torah we were all healed. And so we wish Rivkah bat Yael and all our brothers, sisters and friends who need healing with blessings of joyous refuah shleimah. Amen.
The 'frierdiger Rebbe' - Reb Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch taught his chassidim to bless one another 'to receive the Torah joyously and deeply into the depths of your being'.
We wish you a wonderfully joyous and most meaningful Yom Tov b'ahavah ubivracha - may the Beit Hamikdash be rebuilt quickly in our days. Amen!
Sholom and Judy and all your friends in Yerushalayim


I found some beautiful meditations for learning Torah in a sefer called U'SFARTEM LACHEM – a spiritual guide for the 49 days of the Omer counting. This sefer is based on the teachings of the Gemorah, the Zohar, the RAMA"K and the Baal Shem Tov. As is well known, the spiritual journey that we began on the night of Pessach continues through Shavuot. On Pessach night a great Divine light was revealed to us, and then it was withdrawn. With this loving light revelation Hashem drew us after Him as it revealed where we were heading – to Har Sinai to receive the Torah, to enter into an eternal covenant with Hashem and His Torah and His people. When the light was concealed we cried out from the depths of our hearts to Hashem, and we were informed that this light will be revealed and given to us at Har Sinai and that we were to use the next 49 days to 'fix' our vessels to receive Hashem's revelation.
The entire period from Pessach until Shavuot is a time for 'tikkun ha-nefesh' and 'tikkun hamidot' – to ready our selves to receive the Torah. As we get a glimpse of higher and higher levels in Torah learning we must remember that there are 49 steps; each step is important and is not to be skipped over. Progressing step by step provides stability. Though I am yet far from such conscious learning and intense meditations, nevertheless I found it inspiring to just read and learn these meditations and prayers. Remember we learn to walk one step at a time.
The following is my free [and not yet edited] translation of U'sfartem Lachem, pages 25-26.
Thus is explained in the sefer Nefesh Hachayim (Gateway 4, Chap. 7):
"It is advisable that one should prepare oneself on each occasion before beginning to learn [Torah]; to make a reckoning with Hashem with a pure heart and with 'yirat Hashem'. One should cleanse himself of his transgressions and think thoughts of Tshuvah, so that he should be able to connect and attach himself during the time of his involved study of His holy Torah, with His Speech and His Will, blessed be He."
Being that a person may not always have a sufficiently settled mind before learning Torah, to allow him to make a true reckoning with His Master, therefore we considered it proper to provide a short list of things to remember before learning, and thereby 'prepare oneself'.
It is good advice – as we go towards [the holiday of Shavuot] – the acceptance and the giving of the Torah, to copy these meditations and prayers, so that we can meditate on them before beginning our learning sessions, so that we may arouse our selves properly for the study of the holy Torah.
Aleph(1). [Meditate. Kavannah-intention.] The study of Torah is true attachment to Hashem yisborach.
Hashem please allow me and help me be conscious that in learning Your Torah You are allowing me to bond with You.
Beis(2). Inspire yourself to learn Torah in the way it was given – with fear, awe, shiver and perspiration – with conscious Yirat Shamayim, during the time of study.
Hashem may it be Your will that I may study Your Torah and intensely experience its life energy. May my mind and respond in fear and awe May even my body sense this intensely and respond with shiver and perspiration.
Gimmel(3). Reveal your purpose before learning by stating – "I am learning Torah, to fulfill the Mitzvah of my Creator, who commanded me to study Torah, for the sake of unification of 'Kudsha brich Hu' and His Shechinah.
Daled(4). [Tshuvah before learning.] I regret my evil deeds and I accept upon myself to improve myself in the future.
Hey(5). [Kavannah-intention.] I am learning for the sake of learning, guarding, keeping, doing and fulfilling the words of Your Torah.
Vav(6). [Kavannah-intention.] I will [attempt to] devote myself to learning consciously without interruption, and I will try not to look outside of the sefer.
Zayin(7). [Kavannah-intention.] I am learning to seek the truth of the Torah, to understand it well and to remember everything that I learn.
Chet(8). [Reminder.] The words of Torah learning are to be verbally expressed with our mouths and heard with our ears.
Tet(9). [Kavannah-intention.] I desire to learn out of my love for Hashem yisborach, as it says, "And you shall love Hashem your G-d...and these words...shall be upon your heart...and you shall speak them."
Yud(10). [Meditate.] I am preparing myself to be a vessel for receiving the holiness of the Torah.
Yud-Aleph(11). [Kavannah-intention.] I am learning in the name of All of Israel - Kol Yisrael – may it be for their merit and their salvation from all manner of harm.
Yud-Beis(12). [Kavannah-intention.] I desire and accept upon myself to study with great effort and toil – for the words of the Torah are acquired only with great effort and toil.
Yud-Gimmel(13). [Kavannah-intention.] I am learning for the sake of sanctifying His Name in His world.
Yud-Daled(14). [Prayer.] I give thanks and praise to Hashem yisborach, for His great gift of opportunity to study His holy Torah at this time.
Tet-Vav(15). [Prayer.] I pray before Hashem blessed be He, that He should help me in my learning, and that He should enlighten my eyes in His holy Torah. Amen.

- Rabbi Sholom Brodt, Rosh haYeshiva of Nachlaot's Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo - 18 Gilboa Street in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem - check out Simchat Shlomo at

Women's Learning, Megillat Ruth & Davening at Va'Ani Tefilla

Women's learning, Megillat Ruth, and davening at Vaani Tefilla

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
5:00pm - 7:00pm
 Kehillat Vaani Tefilla, Rechov Aryeh Levin, between Aboulafiya and Mishkenot

Join us for an afternoon of learning, reading Megillat Ruth, and davening together.

Where: Kehillat Vaani Tefilla, Rechov Aryeh Levin, between Aboulafiya and Mishkenot.
When: Shavuot afternoon.

5:00 PM - Shuir by Mur Hadid (Hebrew)

5:45 PM - Reading Rut - we will all read/sing Megillat Rut together, a beautiful and meaningful way to read and hear Rut for anyone who won't have heard it in the morning, or for anyone who wants to hear it again!

Mincha to follow the Rut reading.

The timing of this event was set with the Shiur and cheesecake event at Batsheva Ganz's home in mind; we tried to stagger the timing of the shiurim and Rut reading so that there is as little conflict as possible. How lucky we are to have so many great events for women in Nachlaot!

With blessings for a chag sameach and a true experience of "k'ish echad b'lev echad."

Nava Coren

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kol Rina's Tikkun Leil Shavuot in Nachlaot

Start Time:
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 11:30pm
End Time:
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 at 4:30am
Across from 26 Rechov Beer Sheva - Kol Rina

Join Kol and Rina and Kehilat Torah V'Chesed for Tikkun Leil Shavuot. All classes will be in Kol Rina.

English Program

12:30 - Rabbi Elie Ganz "A Rational Approach to Torah from Sinai and the Halachic Process"

1:30 - Rabbi Yigal Segal "The Truth About Ruth"

2:30 - Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, "Mt Sinai, Creation & The Big Bang"

11:45 - Hebrew Program with Rabbi Dreyfus. He will lecture in Hebrew and have chevruta groups throughout the night.

4:30 -Naytz Minyan followed by Kiddush around 7:30-8

Shavuot All-Night Learning with Rabbi David Aaron in the Old City

Join Rabbi David Aaron for a special night of Shavuos Learning!
Tuesday May 18th starting at 11:00pm through about 4:15am Wednesday morning...
Eliyahu HaNavi Synagogue in the Old City (one of the Four Sephardi Synagogues)

11:30 - Our Purpose, Our Passion: The Torah Driven Life
1:00 am - Meet your Maker
2:00 am - Re-Living Sinai
3:30 am - Totally Alive Now

Friday, May 14, 2010

On the Road to Shavuos

Motzoei Shabbos, Parshas Bamidbar
Melave Malke on the Radio
this week - a special Pre-Shavuos learning with our friend Dr. Moshe Rothkopf.
"Shlomo on Shavuos."
We hope you can all attend!

Exhilarating Rhythm Workshop - Coming Soon!

Please join percussionist Nadav Serling for an exhilarating rhythm workshop at the Piermont Percussion Center - Monday Evenings -beginning May 24th - 8:30 PM - 10:00PM.

The workshop is designed for anyone who loves rhythmic music, regardless of background or level. The focus will be to draw on traditional world rhythms to bring people the joyful experience of playing deep grooves in a group setting. We will work both with vocal and body percussion and with an array of percussion instruments, including congasm caxixis, shekere, djembe and cajon, among others.

Nadav Serling has been playing and teaching percussion for over 30 years. He lived and studied with the Yoruba tribe in Southwestern Nigeria and he Dagomba tribe in Northern Ghana. In addition, he studied and performed in New York with various Latin, Brazilian and African-American percussionists.
Nadav has recently resettled with his family here in Jerusalem.
If you love rhythm, this is for you!!!!
For more information, please contact Nadav at:, or call at: 052-6158-072

You can also catch Nadav most Saturday Nights sitting in with Steve on Radio Free Nachlaot during the RFN on-air "Melave Malke, Plus" program 10pm -midnight.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rosh Chodesh Sivan with the Jerusalem Soul Center


8AM: the monthly Jerusalem Soul Center Rosh Chodesh Minyan at the Kotel by the mechitza-- always the highest-- please come!!!

11AM: brunch following davening at 10 HaMalakh Street in the Old City

830PM: Our 2nd gala Friday night Shabbat dinner on Rav Tovia Singer's rooftop directly overlooking the Kotel-- 

 Please RSVP asap for details and what to bring-- RSVP to Ezra Amachi 054-596-9598 or connect with Ezra on Facebook or by email at

Rocky and Aaron Razzle Dazzle Razel at Reshimu TONIGHT May 13th at Reshimu

Rocky (Yerachmiel Ziegler) and Aaron Razel at Reshimu ...
Have no fear there will be great music after lag Baomer.
Yerachmiel and Aaron Razel playing songs from their new album The Secret of Shabbos
40 nis advance tickets 50 at door
Free Chulent after the Show!LINK+IMAGE