Friday, May 14, 2010

Exhilarating Rhythm Workshop - Coming Soon!

Please join percussionist Nadav Serling for an exhilarating rhythm workshop at the Piermont Percussion Center - Monday Evenings -beginning May 24th - 8:30 PM - 10:00PM.

The workshop is designed for anyone who loves rhythmic music, regardless of background or level. The focus will be to draw on traditional world rhythms to bring people the joyful experience of playing deep grooves in a group setting. We will work both with vocal and body percussion and with an array of percussion instruments, including congasm caxixis, shekere, djembe and cajon, among others.

Nadav Serling has been playing and teaching percussion for over 30 years. He lived and studied with the Yoruba tribe in Southwestern Nigeria and he Dagomba tribe in Northern Ghana. In addition, he studied and performed in New York with various Latin, Brazilian and African-American percussionists.
Nadav has recently resettled with his family here in Jerusalem.
If you love rhythm, this is for you!!!!
For more information, please contact Nadav at:, or call at: 052-6158-072

You can also catch Nadav most Saturday Nights sitting in with Steve on Radio Free Nachlaot during the RFN on-air "Melave Malke, Plus" program 10pm -midnight.

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